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Betway Review: Everything You Need to Know About Betway

Betway is one of the leading online sports betting platforms in India and across the world. It is known to be very safe, ensuring its users’ information and assets are kept secure.

The site is committed to offering the best sporting action to bettors and also many betting opportunities in major tournaments and leagues. Since the betting site started, it has only increased in strength and numbers, while displaying an unwavering commitment to delivering quality sports betting.

Furthermore, Betway offers a wide range of betting odds for sports like cricket, rugby, football, baseball, tennis, and basketball, among others. It also provides the opportunity to bet on live Premier League and Champions League from anywhere you have your smartphone.

Additionally, Betway gives punters the freedom to choose what sport they want to bet on through their mobile or online. It offers a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate website that is designed to make betting simple and quick.

If you are new to betting in India and are considering choosing Betway as your betting site, you may find this article useful. We have done our research on the betting site and will provide an objective review of Betway. Therefore, keep reading to learn all there is to know about Betway, including its offers, safety, and legality in India.

Is Betway the Best Sports Betting Site in India?

Every major sports bettor in Betway has heard of and (or) is using it as their go-to betting site. That is because Betway is indeed the best sports betting site for Indian punters, according to our research.

First off, Betway offers the biggest sportsbook in the country, and it also offers a ton of cricket betting options for bettors. Also, Betway is not just one of the best live betting platforms in India; it is the best worldwide.

Is Betway Legal in India?

India has very strict laws when it comes to gambling of any form, and that includes sports betting. Despite this, the country is replete with brick-and-mortar casinos and betting shops that are operating in broad daylight. However, the country’s gambling laws do not cover online sports betting – or at least it says nothing about it. Nevertheless, Betway is a licensed betting site; it is based outside India and is legal to be used in the country.

Since Betway is based outside India, the country’s laws do not affect or apply to it; it’s a European company. Therefore, Indians can use the betting site for their sports betting activities at any time without fear of getting caught.

Is Betway Safe to Use?

One of the big pluses that Betway has is its safety; it is very safe to use for Indians. The platform is a global betting site that boasts millions of satisfied, new, and professional players from everywhere in the world. The site has a great reputation – plus, it is licensed by the Malta Gambling Authorities, a renowned European gambling regulator.

Considering the powers that back Betway, it is considered one of the safest betting sites worldwide. Moreover, the platform takes the safety and security of its bettors very seriously, ensuring players and their data are protected. Therefore, you can rest assured as you bet that your winnings and everything you have on the site is safe.

Bonus Information on Betway

Turnover time3x
Odds2.00 minimum
Bonus CurrencyINR
Bonus CodeNone
Bonus AmountINR 4,000 minimum
Validity time frame7 days
DepositINR 250 minimum

Betway screenshots

An In-Depth Review of Betway Betting Site

Betway is no doubt one of the biggest and most reputable betting sites in India and the world generally. It has its advantages as well as its disadvantages, and we are going to look at all of them in this review.

Why We Like Betway

There are many things to like about Betway, including the fact that its website is very easy to navigate. Even if you are a novice who has never used a betting site, you can easily find your way around the site.

That said; below are some of the things we like and that make Betway one of the best betting sites:

  • User-Friendly Website

Betway offers a very user-friendly website, making it perfect for beginners. If you are only newly entering the world of betting, Betway is a great, perfect event, a place to start. The betting site makes it very easy to do everything related to betting, from depositing funds to placing bets.

  • Depositing Money Is Easy

Depositing funds on Betway is quite straightforward as the site offers a variety of payment methods. Betway offers many convenient payment methods, including UPI, PhonePe, and Bank Transfer, among others, making it even easier to use.

  • Generous Welcome Bonus

Betway offers a very generous welcome bonus to every new player from India or any part of the world. With this bonus, you can use the sites betting options and games to the fullest and without financial restrictions.

  • Live Betting Platform

One of the things that make Betway stand out from other betting platforms is that it offers live betting. More so, the site offers one of the best live betting platforms you can find anywhere. If you love live betting, Betway is one website where you will not be disappointed. That is because it gives you access to some of the best, most interactive live betting platforms worldwide.

  • A Variety of Betting Options

Betway offers a wider range of betting options than most betting sites in India. On the site, you will find more varieties of sports you can bet on. You will also find more betting options than you will find on any other betting site in India. These options include all your favorite sports such as football and cricket, as well as more obscure sports like darts and hurling.

Why We Don’t Like Betway

We admitted that there are many things to like about Betway, but there are also certain things we do not. While finding flaws on the site was harder than we expected, especially considering that this is the most popular betting site globally.

Still, we did find some flaws, and we wouldn’t be objective if we didn’t tell you about them. After all, we promised to be objective in our review of Betway.

  • Inadequate Customer Support

Being one of the biggest sports betting sites in the world comes with its disadvantages; unsatisfactory customer support. In Betway’s defense, inadequate customer support is a sickness most big organizations have. Betway has a large database of support articles that users can read to solve most of the common issues on the platform.

However, it lacks person-to-person support, and its live chat, though present, is very tricky to find. Also, customer support agents are no better as they are less than helpful most of the time.

  • Number of Promotions is Limited

Another drawback this great betting platform has is its offer of promotions. For a site as big as Betway, you would expect to find a huge quantity of promotions as you do betting options. However, Betway does not have as many promotions as one would have expected from a first-rate betting platform.

Betway Review: Our Verdict

Reviewing the pros and cons of Betway, we conclude that Betway is overall a great betting site. It offers a wide range of convenient features for bettors in India, including an outstanding live being platform and many cricket betting options.

Its offer of a variety of payment methods also makes putting funds in your account pretty easy. Nevertheless, if you are considering Betway as your new betting home, we recommend you do your own research on it.

How to Register on Betway

If you are ready to start betting on Betway, registering is straightforward and can be done in less than two minutes. You can follow the steps below to create an account on Betway:

  • Go to Beway’s official website and tap “Sign Up”;
  • Then, follow the prompt that pops up to enter your mobile number, password, and first, and last names. You can also enter your email address, but this is optional; click on “Next” when you are done;
  • When you click Next, you’ll see a prompt asking for your date of birth, address, and state; provide these details. Also, if you are registering with a promotional code, simply tap the box for signup codes to put it in.
  • Accept the terms and conditions if you are more than eighteen years old, and click on “Register” to finish the process.
  • When you click on “Register,” a prompt will pop up asking whether you want to deposit now or later. Choose either of the options, based on whether you have the cash now or want to use the bonuses first.

Once you have successfully registered on Betway, check your email for a confirmation email that Betway would have sent to you. After confirming your email and verifying your account, your account goes live, and you are ready to start betting. 

How Do You Deposit Funds on Betway?

Now that you have an account on Betway, one of the biggest gaming establishments, it is time to deposit funds. However, before you do that, ensure you have set your bankroll for games and sportsbook offerings (or both). Once you have done that, you can start depositing funds into your Betway account.

Out of a desire to be India’s favorite sports betting site, Betway does a great job of making it easy and convenient to deposit money. It recently added a new feature that lets users deposit money through UPI transfer, which is the premier payment method in India. Below are the common deposit methods Betway India accepts:

  • UPI, which is highly recommended for Indian bettors,
  • PhonePe,
  • Skrill,
  • Paytm,
  • Neteller,
  • VISA Card,
  • MasterCard,
  • Online Bank Transfer,
  • GooglePay,
  • AstroPay Card, and
  • Khelocard

Now, to deposit funds into your Betway account, log in to the account with your Betway banking details. Then, go to “My Account,” and click on “Deposit Funds;” you will see all the banking methods Betway supports. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you and suits your transaction best.

Next, enter the amount of money you want to deposit and follow the prompts to complete the process. If the deposit is successful, your funds will be available in your Betway balance; meanwhile, there are no transaction fees.

It generally doesn’t take time for funds to reflect in your Betway account, but it depends on the payment method you use. Nevertheless, most of the deposit options available on Betway support near-instant deposits, meaning your funds should reflect almost immediately.

What Welcome Bonus Does Betway Offer?

If you are using Betway for the first time, the platform offers a bonus of up to Rs. 2,500. The bonus is particularly great if you are just testing the waters with Betway and considering whether it is worth spending on. Furthermore, this welcome bonus ensures you can take full advantage of the many awesome betting options Betway India has to offer.

You can use your bonus on the entire Betway sportsbook and also on live casino games on the platform. However, certain terms and conditions apply to this bonus, and these include:

  • Only new Indian players on Betway can access the welcome bonus;
  • You must have deposited at least Rs. 200 to be eligible for the  bonus;
  • You cannot receive more than Rs. 2,500 welcome bonus;
  • You have to wager the amount of the bonus and deposit six times before you can withdraw the bonus; and
  • The only qualifying odds for the wagering requirement are those above 1.75.

How to Obtain the Welcome Bonus on Betway

To unlock your Betway bonus, you only need to make your first deposit. Then, you will place sports wagers equal to ten times the amount you deposited on odds of at least three.

Once you’ve fulfilled these requirements, your free bet bonus will be credited to your account. Betway offers customers a 100% bonus, which it offers as a Free Bet; this is only valid when players meet the requirements.

Meanwhile, there are no hidden requirements for the free bets apart from those already listed. If you place a bet using your Free Bet, you will receive all your winnings (excluding the initial stake). This amount will reflect in your cash balance, which you can either withdraw or use for another bet.

Top Games and Features to Enjoy on Betway

If you have signed up on Betway and funded your account, you can now start placing wagers on the platform. Below are some of the remarkable features of Betway:


Betway sportsbook is the most popular feature on the platform, with a lot of things to bet on. Betway offers players a complete selection of a variety of sports that they can bet on, slightly over thirty in total. With the wide range of sports offers, you will surely find the sport you enjoy the most. Let’s look at two of the most popular sports on Betway: cricket and horse racing.

  • Betway Cricket Betting

When it comes to cricket betting, Betway is one of the best platforms worldwide for betting on cricket. The platform goes neck-to-neck with Bet365, another popular betting site when it comes to the number of cricket betting options offered. They are also major competitors as far as the best cricket betting odds are concerned.

Meanwhile, cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in India, and nearly everyone knows a thing or two about the gameplay. If you are an Indian bettor, there is a great chance that some parts of your life revolve around the game.

Some of the major leagues and tournaments Betway covers for cricket are the Indian Premier League, ODI, T20 World Cup, and Test matches. However, if you’re looking for a more minor tournament to bet on, Betway also offers that.

The platform offers a wide range of minor daily cricket matches from across the country and worldwide that you can bet on. Plus, the platform offers many bets that you can play on every game, giving you limitless possibilities for structuring your bets.

  • Betway Horse Racing Betting

If you have been betting on cricket all your betting life and want to try another market, try horse racing. Horse racing is another popular activity in India, besides cricket, and Betway offers great betting options for major and minor tournaments.

The platform gives Indian players access to horse racing events in the UK, US, Australia, France, and South Africa, among many others. Furthermore, Betway offers live streaming of many horse racing events that you can bet on every day.

Perhaps, what makes betting on horse races on Betway even better is that the platform provides useful information for betting. In other words, Betway gives its players access to all the pieces of information they need to place a well-informed bet.

Thus, before you bet on any horse, you can peruse its form, age, weight, and jockey, among other things. When you have all the necessary information needed for betting at hand, your chances of winning the bet increase.

  • Betway Football Betting

If you remember correctly, Betway is a European betting site; thus, it offers several betting options for football games. As cricket is the most popular sport in India, football is the most popular in Europe.

Thus, if you are a football fan and would love to bet, you are in luck with the many football matches Betway offers. Also, the European betting platform offers a wide selection of football betting odds, including the major and minor leagues.

Betway lets you wager on all the major European leagues, including Bundesliga and the English Premier League. Beyond that, it also offers many smaller leagues from different countries across the world, including the US. You can bet on all the major international football tournaments as easily as you bet on the Indian Super League.

What’s more; Betway is one of the few online football betting sites that let you bet on Indian football games. Therefore, if you are a football fan and want to bet on big football games in India and internationally, Betway is the perfect place. 

  • Betway Esports Betting

Betway is one of the leading betting platforms for esports betting; the site dedicates an entire website to esports betting. Thus, if you are interested in betting on esports, you should check out Betway India. After all, esports has become very important in India as Indian teams are starting to excel in esports tournaments globally.

  • Betway Live Betting

Betway offers some of the best live betting options in the entire sports betting industry. If you prefer hard-hitting, nail-biting, and fast-paced sports betting action, you may prefer live betting above others.

With live betting, you can bet on matches that are currently happening in real time, and Betway offers the most intense games. Betway’s live betting is particularly perfect for beginners because it is intuitive and pretty easy to use.

Furthermore, Betway’s live betting offers sufficient functionality that can satisfy the most seasoned of live bettors. Thus, whether you are a professional or a new player, Betway is a great live betting platform anyone will love. Below are the top reasons why Betway live betting is one of the best in the industry:

  • It lets you bet in real time and shows you the results instantly;
  • It lets you watch a virtual rendition of whatever match you choose to bet on;
  • It offers information, data, statistics, and commentary on the match, all to help bettors place an informed wager;
  • Betway keeps its players’ winnings safe and lets them cash out at any time, although terms and conditions do apply.

Online Casino on Betway


Betway is a versatile betting platform in that it also has an online casino, which is solely composed of live casino tables. In other words, Betway’s online casino does not offer any virtual games. Thus, you will not be able to play any virtual table games like video poker or slots on the platform. Nevertheless, it does have an incredible live casino with some of the best authentic casino experiences you can buy.

There are amazing live casino tables on Betway casino, enough to keep the craziest casino player busy – and satisfied. The live games offered on Betway casino include Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, Dragon Tiger, Live Monopoly, and Casino War.

You can also find Sic Bo, 7 Up 7 Down, Cricket Roulette, 6+ Poker, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Wheel of Fortune, and Lightning Dice. In total there are about sixty different live casino game variations on Betway Online Casino; let’s look at some of the popular ones.

  • Blackjack

Live blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, which explains why it is popular on Betway. One can attribute the game’s popularity to its combination of elements of skill and luck. In other words, if you practice your blackjack skills and implement certain strategies, you can improve your odds of success.

If you are a huge fan of blackjack in India, you can find a nice selection of blackjack game variations on Betway. Some of these variations include Classic Blackjack, Bollywood Blackjack, Power Blackjack, and Infinite Blackjack, among many others.

  • Roulette

Roulette is a very old casino game, one of the oldest that is still being played today. More so, the game is not just another casino game; it is one of the most popular casino games today.

If you love to play roulette, it would please you to know that Betway Casino is replete with high-quality live roulette games. The platform offers up to seventeen roulette game variations at the moment, including Classic Roulette, Grand Roulette, Bollywood Roulette, and Cricket Roulette.

  • Poker

Whether you play casino games or not, there is a good chance you have heard about poker. In India, in particular, there is a craze for poker games that is increasing as the days go by. Knowing this, Betway offers a variety of poker game variations for players; the digital market for Indian poker is growing tremendously. You only need to register on Betway Poker, and you will gain access to varieties of poker games.

Some of the poker games Betway offers include Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Seven Card Stud, among many others. Furthermore, Betway offers dozens of different poker rooms, so you can jump in and out of rooms as you want.

Some of the poker rooms have high stakes while some have lower stakes, but the experience is the same for every room. Meanwhile, there is a practice room you can go to if you are new to poker; you can practice with virtual money.

Thus, whether you are a professional poker player or are new to the game, Betway is a great place to hone your skills. If you’re a beginner, the Betway poker practice room is a great place to practice before you start putting in real money.

Betway Virtual Betting

If you prefer virtual betting, Betway has a wide range of options you can take advantage of. The platform allows players to place wagers on virtual football leagues, greyhound racing, horse racing, as well as camel racing. To access all of these virtual betting options, you only need to register on the platform, and the adventure begins.

Betway Fantasy

Fantasy sports on Betway offers bettors and fans an escape from reality, letting them bet on multiple fantasy sports leagues. Simply assemble your dream team and start competing against other fantasy teams to win the crown.

Some of the fantasy leagues that Betway offers include the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and La Liga, among many others. With your Betway account activated and ready to go, you can dive into the fantasy sports betting world and start your adventure.

Betway Lucky Numbers

With Betway Lucky Numbers, players can wager on the outcomes of a large number of international betting markets. If you prefer to bet on the outcome of several international lottery games, this feature is for you. The international lottery games whose odds you can bet on include the USA, Italy, Australia, South Africa, and more.


With Betgames, players experience the thrill of betting on live draws that occur at regular intervals on the website. You only need to choose your fixtures; then, relax and watch as the live draw happens. Furthermore, there are many live draws you can bet on, including dice throws, colors, wheel of fortune, numbers, and more.

Betway Jackpots

Betway also offers jackpots for players; the site invites players to use their sports knowledge to win big. The site offers a wide selection of jackpots to select from and many fixtures to predict. These are hand-picked from your favorite leagues from all over the world, which makes this more exciting.

You can choose from the Pick 6 Correct Score or Pick 15 Match Result and build your coupon. Then, sit back and enjoy the games as you wait to know the outcome of your choices.

Betway Casino Bonus

With Betway, you will not only get to enjoy various casinos but the many bonuses that come with them. You can enjoy a whopping 100% bonus on your first platform deposit, which can amount to as much as Rs. 60,000! This bonus comes in three stages, rewarding you 100% at every stage. To claim the casino bonus offered by Betway, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Click this ‘claim the bonus’ button to get started
  • Sign up and create a new account with Betway
  • Make your first deposit of a minimum of Rs. 700
  • You also get a 100% bonus on your subsequent 2nd and 3rd deposits.

Does Betway Support Responsible Gambling?

Betway recognizes the existence and possibility of problem gambling; thus, it encourages all its players to gamble responsibly. Responsible gambling is the exact opposite of problem gambling and offers much more fun and, inevitably, profits.

Problem gambling takes the fun out of gambling because the play is only all about doing anything to win. In that state of mind, such a player can become addicted, wagering his entire bankroll and entering huge debts.

Gambling is meant to be a fun hobby; it is simply playing a game you love and putting your money into it. Betway encourages players not to allow gambling to take control of their lives and provides features to help.

Betway promotes the responsible gambling cause by incorporating a set of features like deposit limits, session reminders, and self-exclusion. You can take advantage of these features to limit how much time and money you spend playing on Betway.

Does Betway Have An App?

Betway offers a mobile application that enables players to play at any time of the day and from anywhere. Thus, you have the option of betting or playing games in the site’s browser version or on the software application.

More so, this betting site offers one of the most modern, feature-rich betting apps in the gambling industry. All the features you see on the Betway website are present on the app, so the experience is much the same.

The difference between playing on the browser or app is that the app offers a smoother, more convenient experience. Furthermore, it is a multiplatform application in that it can be used on any device, whether Android or iOS.

To download the Betway app, first, create an account on Betway (using the method we described above). Once you’re in, find your way to the download button to download the site’s mobile app.

Once you click on the download button, the app will be downloaded to your smartphone. Simply run the app installation file to install it; when the installation is complete, you can start betting away.


What Promotions Does Betway Offer?

Betway offers a wide selection of different promotions that is big and continues to evolve; it is available to old and new players. Betway offers promotions for betting, live casino, and also esports casino, ensuring no one is left behind.

The betting platform also offers money back, cash back, free bets, and prize pools, among other things. One of the site’s most popular promos includes boosted odds called Betway Boosts; let’s consider it in more detail.

Betway Boosts

There are many boosted odds offered by Betway that players can take advantage of every day. These odds are available on horseracing, cricket, esports, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, and a lot more. Betway Boosts are a select list of fixtures that the site offers at boosted odds, meaning they have higher than the regular odds. 

How Does the Boosted Odds Work?

To know which matches have boosted odds, check for a lightning bolt icon next to the fixture. The lightning bolt icon signifies that the fixture has boosted odds, while those without it are offered at normal market odds. Betway experts are responsible for carefully handpicking the list of fixtures, and they update the list regularly.

Below are the terms and conditions that govern the Betway Boosted Odds;

  • All new and existing Betway users have access to the promotion;
  • You need a verified account to be eligible to participate in this promotion;
  • Betway Boosts will be settled on the basis of the result at the end of regulation, such as injury time. Extra time and penalties will not count for settlement purposes unless otherwise stated.
  • All bets on the boost are void if one selection in a Betway Boost is a non-runner or does not occur. The only time the bets will count is when the result is already known.
  • Betway Boosts are solely promotions; thus, the prices can be greater than those offered in another place in the sportsbook. However, to ensure many customers enjoy this benefit, the maximum amount of stake can be lower than the normal sportsbook offering.
  • The prices of Betway Boosts are subject to change, and relevant betting rules apply unless otherwise stated.
  • Betway’s criteria have the right to cancel or alter this promotion at any time and without notice.
  • Betway is within its rights to exclude players from the promotional campaign as it deems fit.

Who Should Play on Betway?

Betway is the perfect online betting site for lovers of betting in India, the level of your betting experience regardless. The platform is especially excellent for beginners because it makes it easy for Indian players to get started on any sport.

Furthermore, Betway accepts INR deposits via a number of convenient payment methods, including UPI, India’s most preferred transaction method. Additionally, Betway offers a beginner-friendly interface as well as more advanced features like Asian handicap, cash out, and live betting.

However, Betway may not be the best for you if you are mostly a casino player. The site only offers live casino games; you might want to try another site if you want more casino games. On the other hand, if you are a sports betting enthusiast, Betway has something to offer everyone.

Betway Customer Service

Betway is one of the best betting sites for players in India. The site undoubtedly offers the best live betting platform in the industry, which is our favorite aspect of the site. Whether you are a beginner or advanced bettor, you should absolutely give Betway a try; you get the best experiences money can buy.

The only beef we have with Betway is concerning its customer support, which is sorely lacking. The site offers live chat support, but finding the widget alone is hard. The site has gone to great lengths to hide the live chat support widget from the public view.

If you do manage to find the live chat widget and connect to an agent, they offer disappointing support. In their defense, live chat agents generally don’t do much to solve customers’ problems as they give very limited responses.

Considering the reputation Betway has, we have to say its customer service experience doesn’t do it justice. Otherwise, Betway is a great betting app, so we do hope they can work and improve in this area soon.

Betway India Ambassadors and Sponsorships

Kevin Pietersen is Betway India’s main ambassador; he represents the platform in India. Pietersen is known to be a living legend in the cricket world; more so, he played International cricket for England. Furthermore, Pietersen participated in several India Premier League installments between 2005 and 2014, which were his active years.


Meanwhile, the site is sponsored by a handful of sports teams from across the globe. West Ham United and the West Indies Cricket Team are two of the most prominent teams sponsoring Betway.


Does Betway Have a Blog?


Betway does have a blog, although most people don’t know about it; it is known as Betway Insider. Betway updates its blog daily with general news about sports and betting, as well as opinions globally. On the blog are news stories from major sports like cricket, horse racing, football, tennis, golf, and more.

Furthermore, there are opinion articles from sports legends from all over the world, including Andrew Balding and Kevin Pietersen. Whether you want ideas for what to bet on or just want to update your knowledge about sports, you can visit the Betway blog.


Betway is undoubtedly one of the top-rated betting sites for Indian betting enthusiasts, beginners, and professionals alike. The site has a lot of things going for it, including the fact that it accepts Indian rupees.

More so, its convenient payment methods make it easy for players to deposit funds into their accounts with local Indian deposit methods. Where sports are concerned, Betway offers some of the best selections of odds from different matches in India and globally.


Frequently Asked Questions About Betway

What is the availability of Betway in India?

Betway is available to Indian bettors as much as to other players across the globe. You only need to get on the Betway platform and place bets on your favorite games.

What is the legality or otherwise of Betway in India?

You don’t have to worry about the legality of Betway in India, as it conforms with the laws in all areas. If you are within the legally permissible age, you can place your bets in India.

Do new Betway users get welcome bonuses?

Every new player on the Betway platform gets a welcome bonus for signing up on the platform. It gets better for Indians as there is a special offer for Indian bettors that you can leverage.

Can you pay with Indian Rupees on the Betway platform?

Yes, Indian rupees are a means of payment on the platform, as that is one of the requirements for it to be legal in India.

In what way can you deposit money quickly on Betway?

UPI transfers are one of the acceptable ways of making deposits on Betway, and thus far, it has been adjudged as the best way to make deposits. UPI is not only a fast way to deposit into your account, but it is also a reliable option.

Is a Betway app available?

Yes, and two apps, depending on what you want to do on Betway. You can choose the app for sports betting or the one for casino games.

How reliable is the Betway cricket site?

Betway is a very reliable site and appears to be one of the most reliable in India. It offers a wide range of games you can choose from at unbeatable odds.

₹4,000 Free Bet

As a new customer at Betway, you can get a nice bonus of up to Rs. 4,000.

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